It’s what makes us legendary! It all began on February 17, 1993, when Kent Taylor opened the very first Texas Roadhouse in Clarksville, Indiana. Kent’s goal was to own not just a family restaurant and not just a steak restaurant, but a place where everyone, of any age, could come and have a great meal and great fun for a great price.

We like to brag about our Hand-Cut Steaks, Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs, Made-From-Scratch Sides, and Fresh-Baked Bread. Everything perform is put into making our hearty meals get noticed. We handcraft almost everything we serve. Our company offers larger portions so that you acquire more food to your dollar. And if you wish an Ice Cold Beer or Legendary Margarita to wash all of it down – well, we now have those, too.

Our food’s not the one thing that’s Legendary in the texas roadhouse specials – our fun is just too! From your line dancers to our own jukebox to our friendly servers, you’ll enjoy every second you spend in a Texas Roadhouse.

At Texas Roadhouse our company comes with an incredible sense of pride in everything we do. Our passion ensures you do have a Legendary Experience every time. Because of our desire for our guests and our communities, we members come to mind outside of the restaurants within their local communities in order to give back.

The texas roadhouse menu 2020 is straightforward. Legendary Food, Legendary Service® – all with lots of Legendary Fun! One chain you never really read about when discussing America’s best fast-food chains is the southern-based duo of Checkers and Rally’s. Merged into one chain in 1999, Checkers and Rally’s focuses on hamburgers, hot dogs, Fried potatoes and milkshakes. It’s among the best-quality drive-in chains in the States.

Checkers and Rally’s doesn’t offer much in the form of indoor seating, but they will have a couple of tables outside their enclosed kitchen. Mostly however, it’s a drive-thru operation intended for on-the-go dining.

Despite its 784 locations through the entire U.S., it doesn’t have exactly the same degree of recognition as the big burger joints. That’s unfortunate, because the Steakzilla is next level good.

Probably the least recognizable chain with this list is Cook-Out, a Steak ‘n Shake style restaurant focusing on Hamburgers, Barbeque, and Chicken prepared “outdoors style.” One of the key staples of Cook-Out are its hand-dipped milkshakes, which can be offered in 40 unique and delicious flavors.

Cook-Out is among the smallest chains in America, with only 211 locations spread across 10 deep-south states. Despite their small stature however, their food is of the highest quality, tasting every bit as effective as the burgers your Uncle grills at the family’s fourth of July picnic.

Originally, the texas roadhouse holiday hours was founded in Greensboro, South Carolina. For this day, it provides never expanded north from the Mason-Dixon line nor west of the Mississippi River. Hopefully, one day that’ll change.

Usually, Moe’s Southwest Grill is overshadowed by its trail-blazing, trendsetting, competitor Chipotle. That’s not so fair, because Moe’s similar Mexican-based fare is just nearly as good and just as healthy, but they offer superior service.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not knocking Chipotle (they’re amazing), but Moe’s will be the arguably the better of the two. Moe’s costs are much more affordable than Chipotle, and they use similar high-quality ingredients. Additionally, the delightfully affable ngsprt of “Welcome to Moe’s!” upon entering any one of the chain’s 600 locations provides the franchise an approachable atmosphere.

Things only improve once one approaches the efficient assembly line. Staff are more often than not friendly and accommodating, without having to be too in-your-face. Unfortunately, Chipotle’s services are with a lack of comparison.